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Due to the large distances between our Clubs riders don’t often get the chance to meet, let alone compete, with members from other Clubs in our Zone. This website was launched in 2010 as a place for the members of the Northern Zone to share information and news and find out more about the other Clubs in our Zone.

About the Northern Zone

The Northern Zone is affiliated with the Pony Club Association of South Australia (PCASA) and incorporates six active Pony Clubs across the Mid North and Riverland of South Australia and New South Wales. These clubs are Broken Hill, Burra, Crystal Brook (CLOSED), Port Augusta, Renmark, The Gums (Marrabel) and Waikerie.

The Northern Zone colours are royal blue with red trim.

Throughout the year different Clubs host Zone Clinics with dressage and showjumping instructors, which is a great opportunity for riders in our rural communities to receive top level instruction – as well as a chance for riders from the different Clubs to meet and catch up with each other!

Zone Eliminations

Each year a Club hosts the Northern Zone Eliminations. The Eliminations consist of a number of different disciplines, and the highest placegetters in select competitions then earn the right to represent the Northern Zone at the annual PCASA State Championships.

The five disciplines consist of:

Team of Four on the Flat
A dressage test consisting of four riders completing a series of drill work maneuvers, such as crossovers, pairs, circles and wheels. A challenging test of the harmony between not one but a group of horse and riders, with the team having to work as one to score maximum points for each movement. This competition also includes a score for Turnout, with each horse and rider combination required to match the others (matching saddleblankets, bridles, gloves, helmets etc) as closely as possible.

The South Australian Dressage Association (SADA) Cup is an Elementary level dressage test held during the Eliminations. If three or more riders are entered from the same Club, their individual scores are combined for a Team score as well. Sometimes Preliminary and Novice dressage tests are also offered at a Zone Eliminations, time schedule permitting.

Show Jumping
The show jumping classes cover up to five height grades, from 50cm to 135cm. If three or more riders are entered in the same grade from the same Club, their individual scores are also combined for a Team score. Show jumping is an exciting and fun discipline, and usually attracts many individual and team entries.

Mounted Games
The mounted games are a team event, where teams from each Club compete in a number of different novelty games for a combined score. Games vary but test the riders skill, balance and control with challenges such as quickly dismounting and remounting (some riders learn to vault onto their ponies while the ponies are still moving), leaning down out of the saddle to pick up items, riding with one hand while carrying items, precision to drop or hang objects on markers while on the move, as well as overall speed while performing these maneuvers.

Horse & Rider of the Year
A big test of the ‘allrounder’ – the combination that can do everything. Horse and rider have to complete a dressage test, a novelty course and a showjumping round for a combined score to determine the Horse and Rider of the Year. Juniors (17 years and under) perform a Preliminary dressage test and 80cm showjumping round, while Seniors (18 years and over) complete a Novice dressage test and 100cm showjumping round. Both ages perform the same novelty, which usually involves an ‘obstacle course’ setup covering the basic skills of mounted games.

Other Zones

There are seven Pony Club Zones in South Australia, with a total of fifty seven individual Pony Clubs between them.

  • Central Zone
  • Eyre Penisula Zone
  • Lower North Zone
  • Metropolitan Zone
  • Northern Zone
  • South East Zone
  • Southern Zone

For more information about the other Zones please visit the Pony Club Association of South Australia website.

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